Janis Benstock, Broker/Owner

Licensed in PA and NJ Janis@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 215.253.3433

House seller, permission slip signer and urban cowgirl. Instructor of all things real estate.

One day, she complained about how the company she was working for was treating her client. The agent sitting next to her said, “If you think you can do it better, go open your own company.” So she did.

Chiane Adams

PA Chiane@settledownphiladelphia.com

Prior to receiving her PA real estate license, Chiane attended Temple University Real Estate Institute and holds a B.A in Communications with a concentration in journalism from Rosemont College. As a first-time home owner and investor, Chiane has ignited her journey into the world of investing by owning her first property through house hacking. As a fresh real estate agent, she is passionate about helping people find not only their dream homes but to also teach, and assist those that are not privy to the endless benefits of investing and creating generational wealth. This Philadelphia native is a firm believer in education and unity amongst all communities as a driving force in feeding the collective consciousness in efforts of creating a more progressive and productive society. She believes that life is what you make it and that karma is a byproduct of the choices we make, so choose wisely and positively every day. When Chiane is not helping people with real estate, you can find her practicing as a licensed massage therapist. She is also pursuing further career advancement by going back to school for counseling psychology to assist people more with mental health issues, for she believes that health is truly wealth. 

Kathi Camp

PA kathi@settledownphiladelphia.com 267-339-2961

Philly born and raised, financial advocate, credit score extraordinaire

Kathi describes herself as a true Philadelphian – born and raised to love and appreciate the opportunities that this city has to offer. After retiring from the City of Philadelphia Water Department, Kathi ventured out to fulfill her dreams of becoming a real estate agent. She has always wanted to help others own their first home or investment property.
Knowing the importance that credit scores and personal finance have on achieving this goal, Kathi has taken the time to learn strategies that will help individuals to achieve their goal of ownership and credit repair. Connect with her today!

Therese Farrow

Licensed in PA Therese@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 215-565-6055

Entrepenuer and Commercial Real Estate Agent

Therese ran a production company and a wedding planning business before a student housing enterprise introduced her to the world of real estate. Since then she’s moved into the commercial realm, leasing both office and retail throughout Philadelphia.   “Commercial locations create the fabric of the community. Its exciting to match the right space with the right use and watch it enhance the vibrancy of the neighborhood.”

Nick Mirarchi

PA nick@settledownphiladelphia.com 267-377-9165

Real Estate Agent, Pet Parent, & South Philly Dweller

Nick found his love for real estate after buying his first property. There was SO MUCH he wish he knew going into the home buying process that he wanted to get my license to help others not feel the same level of pressure. Nick’s motto: “keep it simple”. That’s what he tries to do for his clients. Nick’s goal is not only to assist people find that house that they can turn into home, but also help his clients change their family tree. Owning real estate is easier than you think!

Sabrina Reliford

Licensed in PA Sabrina@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com (732) 718-6754

Real Estate Agent and Investor, Toddler Wrangler and Pitbull Owner

I first came to Philly in the summer of 2003 and I knew this would be my forever home. I truly know what it means to Settle Down Philadelphia. Home is where the jawn is.

Imani Richardson

PA Imani.R.realtor@gmail.com 267-605-2604

Hey, Philly! I’m Imani Richardson, a Realtor here to help you move into your next home! From navigating the process to finding great deals on listings, I’m here to share my knowledge and help you find the perfect place in Philadelphia. Not only do I love our great city, but also everything that goes into selling or buying a home in the Philly real estate market. My approach to real estate is simple: I want to make sure you get the best service possible, and that means providing you with all of the information you need before making a decision. This includes everything from helping find a home in your price range to negotiating on your behalf.

Kia Steave

Licensed in PA and NJ kia@settledownphiladelphia.com 215-778-3278

interior designer, set constructor, entrepreneur and television star


After spending 25 years buying and selling properties within her Portfolio; as well as Performing all Renovations and Restorations with her Design and Construction Crew, Kia Steave took the next Logical step: take the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam and Get your License to Help others Fulfill there Dream of Homeownership. As Fate would have it she was introduced to Realtor Goddess Janis Benstock of SDP. Together we would like to WELCOME YOU HOME and get you ready for your Greater Yet To Be!

Vicky Womack

Licensed in PA vicky@settledownphiladelphia.com 267-475-3610

Real Estate Agent, Accountant, Investor

After 15 years in the accounting field, I decided to jump into the world of real estate which combines the two things that I am very passionate about. Those two things are 1) helping people to achieve their dreams/goals and 2) scouting out houses that are diamonds in the rough to houses that are move in ready. I want to make the house buying/selling process a seamless process that is enjoyable for all parties involved. With my clients being my number one priority, I strive every day to exceed their expectations.

When I’m not obsessing over the housing market in Philly, you can find me playing some type of card or board game. I’m a huge game player and I am always in it to win it. So, if you are looking to buy or sell a home, lets become a team and play the game of real estate for the win.