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A Brainstorming Session on Farming

What amazed me the most about our session and our team is that almost every single idea on the board had a goal of helping people. None of them looked like business ideas. They all looked like ways to  genuinely connect with the community. Our way of doing things around here is organic and community oriented.

Why Zillow Sucks

That’s right.  I said it.  They SUCK.  And I also refuse to say their name for the rest of this blog post so I will be referring to them as Z from this point forward…  Read on to find out why I’m on a rant about the "largest online real estate network”.

Spinal Tap

Did you ever have to get a spinal tap? I have, so I can tell you that I hope you never have to. They suck. They are scary and painful and have a ridiculous, splitting headache as a possible side effect. So, in addition to the fear of something being wrong with your health, there Read More >>