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Why Zillow Sucks

That’s right.  I said it.  They SUCK.  And I also refuse to say their name for the rest of this blog post so I will be referring to them as Z from this point forward…  Read on to find out why I’m on a rant about the "largest online real estate network”.

You ARE Worth It

You ARE worth it: Another Way to Say “You Get What You Pay For” It is hard to get a listing, but business-wise, that is the goal.  The more listings you have, the more buyer leads you generate, and that propels your business.  When all of your hard work begins to pay off and you Read More >>

Work That Open

  Last week’s post was all about how to get people to attend your Open House.  I promised I would come back and tell you what to do with all of those people once they showed up!  So grab your reading glasses and Settle Down for this. Open House = Open Door You have put Read More >>