Get A Dog

  5 Reasons Why A Dog is Great for Your Real Estate Career   Dogs Get You Up and Going.  Most days I jump out of bed, excited for the day, but there are certain mornings that I would much rather lounge around if I could. But I can’t. I have a dog who relies Read More >>


BUSY IS BULLSHIT Don’t be Busy. Be Productive. Think you’re too busy, too fancy, or too knowledgeable to attend Triple Play or other realtor events? Think again. There’s always room to get over yourself, learn new things and grow your business or your mindset.   I’ll get right to the point. Busy is productive’s imposter. Read More >>

Work That Open

  Last week’s post was all about how to get people to attend your Open House.  I promised I would come back and tell you what to do with all of those people once they showed up!  So grab your reading glasses and Settle Down for this. Open House = Open Door You have put Read More >>