Author: Janis Benstock

buyer offer

Buyer Offer: Help Your Buyer Get That House

You know that pain of taking your buyer out all day and they find their perfect home, only to have them lose it to another offer? They are disappointed, you are stressed out, and you both have to begin the whole process all over again. This is a tough market for buyers! So here is a list of tricks and tips to make their offer stand out from the competition and get them that house.
self assessment for realtors

Self Assessment for Realtors: Take The Quiz

Whether we are talking about a good experience, like the co-op scenario above; or even a bad experience, where you have learned what NOT to do from observing an agent, This engagement or observation with other agents should then lead back to some self-examination.  You’ve observed and are learning from what others are doing.   Now it’s time to take a look at yourself.  How can you learn from YOU?  Well…     I developed this self examination quiz to make the task easier.