Janis Benstock, Broker/Owner

Licensed in PA and NJ Janis@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 215.253.3433

House seller, permission slip signer and urban cowgirl. Instructor of all things real estate.

One day, she complained about how the company she was working for was treating her client. The agent sitting next to her said, “If you think you can do it better, go open your own company.” So she did.

Dina Dashiell

Assistant Property Manager Dina@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 215.253.3439

Real Estate Agent To Be, Oldest Ballerina Ever, Closet Carpenter, Favorite Auntie…

Dina is an independent filmmaker and a real live production crew girl!  Whether you’re choosing a prime film location, or a homebuyer answering “Where do I want to wake up?” – you can only benefit from her love of architectural design and imaginative eye. A Philly native, Dina also held a west coast address for almost a decade, and has truly enjoyed her travels abroad throughout the years.  This lady loves people, and often even has her hands in property repairs and renovations.  We’re happy to have her Settle Down with our team, you’ll have a ball with her AND find your new home!

Devin Jonathan

PA Devin@settledownphiladelphia.com

As a natural born boundary pusher, I’m often brought into projects that consist of  Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex, and often Ambiguous situations and circumstances.  Bowing out of deals, projects, and even client interactions of this nature has never been an option for me.  Instead I’ve made the conscious choice to lean in at every opportunity to make sure details aren’t lost due to lack of foresight, ineptitude, or just pure exhaustion.  My personal mission here at Settle Down is to leverage the rise of the internet age, growing adaptability needs, and 21st century infrastructure to define human ecology for the next 7 generations.

In the meantime, I take pride in being Philly’s #1 VUCA Agent.

Mike Anzalone

Licensed in PA Mike@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 718-344-3302

Real Estate Agent, Husband and Technology Enthusiast

Equally skilled at negotiations and solving Rubick’s cubes, this former New Yorker’s motto is to “never take life too seriously”. The only thing he does take seriously is ensuring his client’s success with real estate. And don’t worry…he ditched the accent.

Attiyah Blair

Licensed in PA Attiyah.Blair@gmail.com 240-888-6078

Real Estate Agent & Investor, Travel Junkie, following in her father’s footsteps…

When other little girls were at summer camp Attiyah was on the job with her dad learning how to rehab outdated homes and make them gorgeous. After closing the door on her decade long television career, Attiyah decided she wanted to open the door to homeownership and real estate investing for herself and others!

Therese Farrow

Licensed in PA Therese@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 215.565.6055

Hopeless Entrepenuer and Commercial Real Estate Agent

Therese ran a production company and a wedding planning business before a student housing enterprise introduced her to the world of real estate. Since then she’s moved into the commercial realm, leasing both office and retail throughout Philadelphia.   “Commercial locations create the fabric of the community. Its exciting to match the right space with the right use and watch it enhance the vibrancy of the neighborhood.”

Brandon Kilson

Licensed in PA Brandon@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 267.566.7131

Real Estate Agent and Entrepreneur

As a Philadelphia native, he can honestly appreciate what is going on in the city. To see the neighborhoods turn from ruins to gems is just breath taking. Now is, if not the best, one of the greatest times to come to the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love. It would be his pleasure to help you Settle Down to your new home in Philadelphia.

Shareeka Mack

Licensed in PA shareeka@settledownphiladelphia.com (215) 253-3439

Aiming to help people buy investment property to build cash flow and/or build equity in their dream home.

A house isn’t just a house.  It’s more than Thanksgiving dinners and a place to do homework.  It’s also your  largest investment, retirement plan  and safety net.  Let this agent put her 13 years of finance experience to work for you.  Turn that pile of red bricks into your golden nest egg!

Danielle Matlin

Licensed in PA Danielle@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 610.505.9560

Sales Agent, Design Junkie & Handygirl

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Danielle  is a neighborhood guru. She also has her own tool belt and knows how to use it. So when you find the “not-so-perfect house” in the “oh-so-perfect location”, this DIY genius  and rock star agent will help you land that house and show you how to turn it into your dream home.

Ming McCall

Licensed in PA Ming@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com (215) 253-3439

Real Estate Investor, Dream Chaser & Catcher

Aiming to help people buy investment property to build cash flow and/or build equity in their dream home.

Charles McCoy Sr.

Licensed in PA Charles@settledownphiladelphia.com (215) 519-5303

Sales Agent

Hi, I’m a smile specialist. I love to make people smile and nothing makes people smile bigger than handing them the keys to their new home or handing them the check for their old home. Call me and let me put a smile on your face.

Sabrina Reliford

Licensed in PA Sabrina@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com (732) 718-6754

Real Estate Agent and Investor, Toddler Wrangler and Pitbull Owner

I first came to Philly in the summer of 2003 and I knew this would be my forever home. I truly know what it means to Settle Down Philadelphia. Home is where the jawn is.

Tom Southwell

Licensed in PA Tom@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 215.630.7199

Real Estate Agent, Coffee aficionado and Cheesesteak Connoisseur

It is really amazing to watch what’s happening in Philadelphia right now. New and energetic neighborhoods are springing up with unique cultures and character. Tom loves taking his clients to the hidden gems; the neighborhoods that are reinventing themselves and that no one knows about yet…

Anthony Young


Anthony moved into the city when he started high school at C.A.P.A. He knows Philadelphia like the back of his hand. When not selling real estate, you can find him walking Passyunk Ave or catching up on reality shows with his four legged son, Leo.

Nicole Younge

Licensed in PA Nicole@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com 215.669.9475

Sales Agent & Member of Point Breeze Civic Association

When not ogling her three dogs or brunching with her husband, she finds the time to sell real estate. You may see her zip around center city on her pink scooter especially if you live in Point Breeze.