Janis Benstock, Broker/Owner

Licensed in PA and NJ Janis@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com (215) 253.3433

House seller, permission slip signer and urban cowgirl. Instructor of all things real estate.

One day, she complained about how the company she was working for was treating her client. The agent sitting next to her said, “If you think you can do it better, go open your own company.” So she did.

JoyLynn Saunders

Licensed in PA joylynn@settledownphiladelphia.com 484-716-5171

Realtor | Girl Mom | Dog Mom | Wife

Growing up in Chester PA wasn’t the best place but, it wasn’t all bad. Chester for me has many great childhood moments for me. Being raised by my grandparents and surrounded by my three brothers, made growing up a great time. In 2012 I met my fiancé. We just had our first baby in 2020. He encouraged me to get into real estate with him and although it is not something I ever thought about, I’m so glad I did.  It has opened a whole new world for me that I want to share with as many people as possible. Owning your own home whether for investment or personal reasons is exciting and a great asset to building wealth for yourself and family. It is my goal to help people navigate this process with as much ease and information as possible.


So what do I do when I’m not thinking about real estate?  I love nature and the human experience so I’m either researching it, or out admiring it. Family means everything to me so I spend most of my time at home with my Fiancé (Travis), daughter (Novah-Joy) and Dog (Glacier)!

Jonathan Pressman

Licensed in PA jonathanpressman@yahoo.com 786-806-6942

Realtor | Investor | Local Philadelphian

Using my unique background to support your real estate purchase, sale, or lease, I’m committed to empowering you to get the results you want and deserve. My first exposure to real estate came during my time as a graduate student, where I sold insurance for State Farm. I loved being able to congratulate people on their exciting purchase, and providing affordable solutions to protect their property and belongings. In 2017, I joined a startup real estate investment firm as a partner, where we focused on flipping houses in Southeast Florida. After two successful years in Miami I chose to return to my hometown of Philadelphia, and have been enjoying reconnecting with our wonderful city. My specialty areas include Center City, North/South Philadelphia, and the Main Line.

Angelo McDuffie

Licensed in PA angelomcduffie@gmail.com 610-809-8214

Business Suit Wearer | Army Veteran | Realtor

As a kid, I use to imagine myself strolling downtown Philadelphia in a business suit and briefcase. I’m happy to have grown up to be able to do that with the only exception that I carry A laptop instead of a briefcase. I’m an Army veteran and a die-hard Disney fan with a love for teaching and showing how someone can build wealth over time. I take myself as a passionate business nerd well versed in the fine art of stock and real estate investing. Looking forward to selling you your first investment property.

Krystal Torres

Licensed in PA krystal@settledownphiladelphia.com 267-850-3836

Realtor | Smile Fixer | Dog Mom

After spending 9 years as a Dental Assistant, Krystal made a move to Northeast Philly with her husband and quickly fell in love with all the city has to offer. With her love to help people achieve their goals, Krystal decided to pursue a career in Real Estate. Now instead of helping people achieve the perfect smile, Krystal is helping her clients achieve the perfect home. Whether you’re considering buying, renting, selling or investing in Real Estate in the Greater Philadelphia, Krystal is your go-to girl!
When she’s not working in Real Estate you can find Krystal at home spending time with her loving husband and dog Gizmo, trying her hand at cooking or reading a good book.

Catherine Clunn

Licensed in PA catherine@settledownphiladelphia.com 609-432-8251

Mom | Jersey Girl | Cook

Catherine is a true Jersey girl with a love for Philadelphia. The force of the city life has continued to pull her in & for the past 10 years, Catherine has worked as a Chef in Philly. With the desire to make a change & spend time with her family, Real Estate seemed like the perfect fit & a dream come true. Catherine loves working with her clients, who quickly become like family, find their dream home in the Greater Philadelphia Area.  With a big heart & helping hand, Catherine is ready to help with all your real estate needs & questions.
When Catherine isn’t out helping her clients find their dream home, you can find her playing with her daughter, whipping up a great dinner at home or laying on the beach down at the Jersey Shore.

Kia Steave

Licensed in PA and NJ kia@settledownphiladelphia.com (215) 778-3278

interior designer, set constructor, entrepreneur and television star


After spending 25 years buying and selling properties within her Portfolio; as well as Performing all Renovations and Restorations with her Design and Construction Crew, Kia Steave took the next Logical step: take the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam and Get your License to Help others Fulfill there Dream of Homeownership. As Fate would have it she was introduced to Realtor Goddess Janis Benstock of SDP. Together we would like to WELCOME YOU HOME and get you ready for your Greater Yet To Be!

Dina Dashiell

Licensed in PA Dina@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com (267) 593-9261

Real Estate Agent, Oldest Ballerina Ever, Closet Carpenter, Favorite Auntie…

Dina is an independent filmmaker and a real live production crew girl!  Whether you’re choosing a prime film location, an investor, or a homebuyer answering “Where do I want to wake up?” – you can only benefit from her love of architectural design and imaginative eye.

Josalyn Aponte

Licensed in PA JPhillyRealty@gmail.com 215-602-0003

Real Estate Agent, Investor, Paralegal in Active Army, Golden doodle lover, latin dancer.

Born and raised in the streets of Philadelphia, by a single mother, and very unfortunate, we’d love to watch HGTV and picture our life differently. I’ve had a passion for Real Estate ever since, and I live my life trying to make that picture I had in my head at 7 years old, a REALITY. When I assist clients with their Real Estate needs, I do it with such compassion and patience. I am also Active Duty military as a Paralegal Non-Commissioned Officer, and have been serving my country for the last 6 years. I hold my Bachelors Degree in Business Management, and I’d dance circles around you on the dance floor! From my latin flavor, to my experiences as a college student, a soldier, and a Realtor, I am just so fun to work with! Let me help you – make your “picture” a reality too! 🙂 Stay blessed.

Danielle Vance

Licensed in PA daniellev@settledownphiladelphia.com (267) 258-2403

Danielle can trace her family roots back to the same South Philly neighborhood for five generations (yes, five!). She spent summers at the city pool, evenings on the stoop, and many a block party scored by Gamble and Huff. Sundays were for eating gravy and cheering on the Iggles, and neighbors were family and vice versa.

Danielle’s childhood may be rooted in great Philly nostalgia, but she’s also had a hand in shaping the city’s modern business landscape. She called Anthropologie her professional home for over 20 years and played an important role in building the company into what it is today. When the going got tough, Danielle was the one they called on to “figure it out,”  As the​ footprints of her life can be traced through every neighborhood in the city, Real Estate is a natural fit for her.

When she’s not helping folks with their real estate needs, she’s usually curled up with a book, sitting on a beach, or spinning a good yarn-possibly all at the same time.

Nicholas Mirachi

Licensed in PA nick@settledownphiladelphia.com 267-377-9165

Real Estate Agent | Pet Parent | South Philly Dweller

I found my love for real estate after buying my first property. There was SO MUCH I wish I knew going into the home buying process that I wanted to get my license to help others not feel the same level of pressure. My motto: “keep it simple”. That’s what I try to do for my clients. My goal is not only to assist people find that house that they can turn into home, but also help my clients change their family tree. Owning real estate is easier than you think!

Romanna Dumyak

Licensed in PA romannadumyak@gmail.com 215-806-8172

Born in Ukraine and raised in Queens, New York, I moved to Philadelphia in 2009. I discovered my love for real estate and interior design not too long ago but I look forward to diving into the real estate world head on!

I am fluent in Ukrainian and Russian and can’t wait to help make your real estate dreams come true!

Imani Richardson

Licensed in PA imani@settledownphiladelphia.com (267) 605-2604

Imani found her love for real estate while in the process of buying her own home at the age of 23 when she decided against renting as an option.  The assumption is often made that it’s practically impossible to become a homeowner at such a young age, but Imani believes with the right education and guidance everyone is able to fulfill their dream of owning their own home, and/or investing to generate passive income.

Attiyah Blair

Licensed in PA Attiyah.Blair@gmail.com

Real Estate Agent & Investor, Travel Junkie, following in her father’s footsteps…

When other little girls were at summer camp Attiyah was on the job with her dad learning how to rehab outdated homes and make them gorgeous. After closing the door on her decade long television career, Attiyah decided she wanted to open the door to homeownership and real estate investing for herself and others!

Charles McCoy Sr.

Licensed in PA Charles@settledownphiladelphia.com (215) 519-5303

Sales Agent

Hi, I’m a smile specialist. I love to make people smile and nothing makes people smile bigger than handing them the keys to their new home or handing them the check for their old home. Call me and let me put a smile on your face.

Sabrina Reliford

Licensed in PA Sabrina@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com (732) 718-6754

Real Estate Agent and Investor, Toddler Wrangler and Pitbull Owner

I first came to Philly in the summer of 2003 and I knew this would be my forever home. I truly know what it means to Settle Down Philadelphia. Home is where the jawn is.

Therese Farrow

Licensed in PA Therese@SettleDownPhiladelphia.com (215) 565-6055

Entrepenuer and Commercial Real Estate Agent

Therese ran a production company and a wedding planning business before a student housing enterprise introduced her to the world of real estate. Since then she’s moved into the commercial realm, leasing both office and retail throughout Philadelphia.   “Commercial locations create the fabric of the community. Its exciting to match the right space with the right use and watch it enhance the vibrancy of the neighborhood.”

Vicky Womack

Licensed in PA vicky@settledownphiladelphia.com

Real Estate Agent, Accountant, Investor

After 15 years in the accounting field, I decided to jump into the world of real estate which combines the two things that I am very passionate about. Those two things are 1) helping people to achieve their dreams/goals and 2) scouting out houses that are diamonds in the rough to houses that are move in ready. I want to make the house buying/selling process a seamless process that is enjoyable for all parties involved. With my clients being my number one priority, I strive every day to exceed their expectations.

When I’m not obsessing over the housing market in Philly, you can find me playing some type of card or board game. I’m a huge game player and I am always in it to win it. So, if you are looking to buy or sell a home, lets become a team and play the game of real estate for the win.

Yael Leiner

Licensed in PA Yael@settledownphiladelphia.com (267) 277-2815

Sales Agent, Landlord, Superhero

Yael loves Philly and spends a lot of her time walking around its unique neighborhoods.  She also volunteers with various Philly-based organizations and is specifically passionate about helping Philly’s youth in the foster system. As far as realty goes, Yael enjoys helping others find the perfect property to meet their investment objectives. She loves to find and quantify multi-family investments and work with first-time home buyers. She is actively investing in the city and is always game to talk about property management and being a landlord.

Zenobia White

Licensed in PA zenobia@settledownphiladelphia.com (267) 595-8317

Mentor, Obstacle Courser, Dancer

As your Realtor, Zenobia White will be an advocate for you.  Zenobia represents integrity, positivity, hard work and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction.  Whether you are buying, selling, renting, want to save a family home or looking to invest within the Philadelphia, Delco and Main Line areas; she will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. When not assisting clients, Zenobia enjoys spending time outdoors, completing obstacle courses, dancing and mentoring the children within her community.